Winter Crafts

While waiting for Sam to arrive I went a little craft mad. My favourite project was making a felt wreath (top image) from a tutorial at The Purl Bee. As it is a Christmas decoration it should probably have been a more summery wreath. Among other things, the project taught me how to sew a French knot, which is tricksy, at least for me. I also found it hard to buy quality felt in Wellington, so maybe I need to learn how to make my own. My wreath is slightly different from the Purl Bee tutorial as I wanted it to be round so added a card backing. I still want to add another three or four flowers and a little more colour. Anyway, this was a fun if not labour-intensive project (no pun intended).

The second picture is a travel kit for my Mother. I made her a sleep/eye mask out of fabric from a Japanese robe that I never wore. The sweet, cherry blossom pattern didn’t deserve to moulder in my wardrobe. I can’t remember which pattern I used (there are a many free patterns online), but I did line the mask with polar-fleece for comfort. The laundry bag I made out of cotton duck and a green, cotton umbrella print (I didn’t use a pattern as it’s a basic drawstring bag). If you’re anything like me, you use a plastic bag to put your delicates in while on holiday. I think there is an extra-holidayness about having a nice bag to hang from your hotel room door, and I really enjoy the mix of patterns and colour.

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